Sunday, February 03, 2008

hanna's birthday extravaganza

even though i couldn't participate with my black plague, the kids had a great time on hanna's birthday weekend. here is a snowman they built early on saturday. they used my m&m's for the eyes and mouth. hey, are those my gloves, too??
later, the beautiful mrs k took hanna and tyson and friend paige on a shopping spree. note diva-esque personna.

the obligitory sour face ordeal. deanna thinks it's so funny to have the kids eat lemons and laugh at the faces they make. yeah, it's cruel. tyson's face gets so scrunched up it almost disappears.

paige looks like she may hurl. the sour face might not be her best event.

hanna goes big and hits a high note on the sour face competition.

they pile back into the car after picking up eli from kevin and katie's. this is not the way i ask them to board the SS Freestyle.

once home, i get myself out of bed in time for the candle blowing out thing. the crew made this cake earlier in the day. it's carrot cake, by hanna's request. eli looks like he is going to blow something, too....

hanna shoved her face in the cake. it was the strangest thing i've ever seen her do. she just plopped her face right into the cake. at least the icing was good.

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