Friday, February 01, 2008

in living color

fox was just a fledgling network in 1990 when "in living color" came on. the best thing about fox in those days was it's penchant for daring new the simpsons. and my favorite, in living color. the wayans brothers, jamie fox, jim carey, tommy davidson, pretty much my favorite comedians.
jamie fox had my favorite character of the whole show, wanda. wanda was a devastatingly ugly tramp who was convinced everyone loved her and her power over men was toxic. it was, but not in the way she thought.

tommy davidson was her usual victim. i think she pulled a gas can out in this scene so that tommy couldn't escape her with the "i need to get gas" excuse.

i checked out the net a little and came up with the killer video of an entire sketch with jim carey playing dracula. take the time to watch all of it. after all, wanda got chew!

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Anonymous said...

they played the dracula skit a few nights ago! defenitly a good show.