Wednesday, February 06, 2008

4 cylinders? well...

my friend ryan stopped by the store today and we talked a bit about his breathing issues and some related cycling stuff. we both decided that airways issues pretty much suck. we both agreed that neither of us would ever be able to keep up with some of our local cycling downhill legends. and he told me i should get with the program and start featuring some 4 cylinder turbo cars instead of my usual pantera's and assorted v8 favorites.

say what?? why, that would be....crazy. i mean, there are tons of blogs and websites out there that feature the best in import whacko mania. i feel that i'm doing a service to those of us that still think the rumble of an outdated, overweight machines is music to the ears.

that's not to say i don't like a lot of cars. on the contrary, i like most cars. as a matter of fact, if my old habits didn't get in the way, there are a few four cylinder turbo cars that would be on my list of fun things to own.

volvo turbo wagons. especially a T5 R. a good enthusiast following, stout construction, and i could even fit the whole family. this doesn't fit perfectly into the mold, because volvo has inline 5 cylinders with turbo's, but whose counting?
of course, what enthusiast would be worth his salt without the subaru? specifically, the sti? talk about a tuners dream. styling is subjective, but i still like it, and it can take what you dish out.

i'm a closet vw fan. the gti has been a favorite of mine since the 80's when it was a rabbit with cool stuff. probably the only cars on earth that have as much of a fan following as mustangs are the civic and this car....and this one comes with a turbo. tons of aftermarket. original build quality makes me a bit wary, but as a project fun car, it's a good one.

and no turbo 4 list would be complete without the neon. normally, i wretch at the thought of a neon. but the chrysler folks thought enough about the srt4 to say that it was an srt4, not a neon. good enough for me. this car goes from rucous 4 cylinder ripper to absolute tuner car madness with just a short list of modifications.
i'm no one trick v8 pony.


Dan Schmatz said...

you left out your teammates supercar killer.

TK said...

yes, i totally forgot about the EVO. i meant to include it with the subaru but didn't.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Its hard to find these days on TV but rally racing to me is where it is at!, and don't forget to check out (the into is worth the visit).