Tuesday, February 19, 2008

old friends

an old friend of mine paid me a visit at the store yesterday. kirk was a good friend of my good friend doug. doug used to tell me all kind of wacko stories about he and kirk, so i was friends with kirk via the transitive properties of friendship. i knew kirk before i ever met him!

just like all of us old dudes, he now has kids and lives more vicariously through his childrens' riding than he does his own. that's just the way things work, i guess. maybe we'll get to take on a mtn bike ride when the weather gets warm, and maybe we'll get doug to come along with us.

and i'm happy to say i've been getting reaquainted with another dear friend of mine, chris. he and the mrs are living the life in the mountains of colorado. somehow, he's talked himself into doing a brutal off-road race in july that no sane person has any business doing. i get excited talking about it, though there is no way in hell i'd sign up for something like that....it sounds like there will be sleeping outdoors involved and that's....just...wrong. chris is going to make it to st.louis in the spring and we'll build him up a mtn bike for the exploit, and after that he's getting married....which may actually be a bigger deal than that crazy race.

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