Sunday, February 10, 2008

c-c-c-cold sunday

saturday, the wind blew and the ground was damp, but it was warm enough for me to go off-roading and for the beautiful mrs k to go on her long run. sunday, not so much. it was 20 degrees or so after church, so our only choice was to hit the trainers together. it's nice because i get awful bored in the basement by myself. deanna was draggin' at first, being tired from her run yesterday. but she perked up to do some speedwork with me while we watched freestyle skiing on tv, then switched to the 2000 tour video. mrs k was close to losing her lunch in the first half of the workout, but kept it under control til the end. she's a trooper.
i crept around the pillar in the livingroom with the camera to catch a shot of eli, who was supposed to be going to sleep on mrs k's lap. instead, he caught me, and before the flash went off, he was already saying "cheeeeeeeeeeese!" it looks more like deanna is going to sleep than eli, eh?

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