Friday, February 15, 2008

mrs k's vacation

the beautiful mrs k has been on vacation this week. it's strange not having her at work. it hasn't been really busy, so we've gotten on with out her, but i miss her.

and wouldn't you know it, we've had to call her a lot. she told me she still feels like she's working because she's been in contact with almost everyone at the store during her "vacation". and of course, she had to drive all the way out to work today to do payroll. she brought eli and tyson with her.

tyson has the place figured out. he just grabs a bike and starts cruising the store for chicks. eli grabs my hand and pulls me around the store. the enormous brownie that mrs k bought me for valentine's day was still there, and eli spotted it.

"cake!" he said. ok, ok, i gave the little garbage disposal some cake.

"cake!" ok, have another bite.

"cake! cake! cake!" well i knew this was going to go badly. i checked on deanna to see if she had finished the checks. "cake! cake!" i certainly wasn't going to get any work done, what with having to feed the sta-puft marshmallow man. he was enjoying the brownie so much that i couldn't stop laughing at him. i'd have to take him to the drinking fountain every few minutes to wash down the chocolately goodness, then back to asking for cake he'd go.

finally, mrs k resumed her vacation and took tyson the chick-cruising bike rider and the sta-puft marshmallow man with her. and i got back to work, minus a lot of my brownie.

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