Wednesday, February 06, 2008

got my license today!

i finally have a racing license.

i signed up last year at the webster crit for a new uscf/norba license and it never came. i emailed usacycling and got an answer....sort of.

the mail said that my copy wasn't signed or something lame like that. i told them to mail it back and i'd sign it. no dice.

so when i went to sign up again (online this time!) it said i was suspended. yeah, right. i called and the lady said "oh, try now, you should be fine...."

egads. it shouldn't be that hard to get set up, should it?

anyway, i'm glad i'm all legal like, and my license actually has my correct team! rock on!

1 comment:

Daniel B. said...

suspended... ha! that's like not getting your degree because you owe the library .35 cents for an overdue book.

that Evo is ridiculous! however, I'm with you on the 4-door thing; kind of strange. fast cars should have 2 doors.