Monday, February 19, 2007

where'd the weekend go?

having all of the kids for a weekend really does me in. i'm more tired from the running around than if i'd ridden all weekend.

i got hanna a day early, picked her up in the FT (family truckster, for you 'Vacation' fans), and she was pretty excited about it. we spent most of saturday running around, tyson's soccer game, shopping, eating, etc. it was so nice not to have to worry about room in the car.

we went bowling last night. hanna and tyson love it. they had so much fun. i found out that the beautiful mrs k is better than me at bowling. i'm not sure if she isn't better at everything except cycling, really, so it's no big surprise. i didn't crack 100, but i did get a spare and a strike on the last frame which gave me hope. poops was cheering us on. it's so cute to see him clap.

today is the big winter outing for the kids. uncle kev and mrs k (being off work) are taking them to play in the snow. pure pandamonium.

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