Wednesday, February 07, 2007

no riding

at least not outdoors. i missed the 'nice' weather we had yesterday because i was working. i'm not sure you can catagorize a 44 degree day bracketed by 20 degree days as an opportunity to ride, though.

i'm going mountain biking tomorrow, i think. the ground should be frozen, the snow is pretty much gone...i can't really think of anything that would stop me, except...oh yeah, that fact that it will only be 20 degrees might deter me.

it's hard to believe that the racing season will be upon us in just a couple of weeks. i don't traditionally do froze toes anymore, so i probably have another weeks reprieve. i'm in no way ready to race. eli is still giving us no sleep, the weather is not cooperating...i guess i could go on and on about the reasons. it doesn't make me feel any better about it.

on the bike front, i have them pretty well sorted. the Oiz is all good, and the Opal finally got a set of race wheels. i'm really pleased with both, which will leave me no excuses later. i'm fine with that.

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