Monday, February 12, 2007

a living disaster area

while this little squirt may look cute sitting here in his high chair eating bits of cereal bar, you don't know his true nature.

beneath this huggable, although sticky, exterior is a living, breathing human cyclone. want proof? soon after this photo, this 25lb boy pulled over a very heavy, expensive lamp. all six glass globes and all six bulbs shattered on the livingroom floor. thousands upon thousands of tiny glass shards surrounded him and everything else.

all in a days work, mom and dad...all in a days work.


Patrick said...

Tim, this isn't a comment relavent to this post, but I don't have yr email addy. There is a very cool Ford in the window of whatever dealer is at Big Bend and has the air intakes on the sides behind the doors, like a Viper-type sports car, and it is tough!!!!

Knowing your penchant for cool Fords, I thought of you...what model is that, though doubtful a production car I'd guess. Also, curses to you as my Target visits have turned from $30 affairs to nearing the much ballyhooed regular $100 visits...I blame you! ;)

I hope y'all are able to keep busy today by playing tapeball basketball, or somesuch similar. ;)

Patrick said...

I drove by there last night during the is a white Ford GT with blue pinstripes...tried to get a camera phone snap, but instead caused an 18 car pile-up, so I had to drive off quickly. Maybe if you take the missus to White Castle or Monarch for V-day dinner, you'll have a gander...for all I know you had this car as your computer background 10 years ago! ;)