Thursday, February 15, 2007

it's official

i'm a family man. it's time to start acting like it. if that means having a Family Truckster, then so be it.

some things that i have done for the last time:

1. put poops into the convertible, ducking under the top while holding the pumpkin seat.
2. changed clothes in the front of the mustang, and feeling like a sardine.
3. filled up with premium gas.
4. drive a manual transmission, while in rush hour traffic, on hwy 40, on friday, on a holiday weekend.
5. fail to transport a small cardboard box because, well, it isn't small enough to fit in the 'trunk'.
6. get stuck on a 10'x10' patch of ice, on flat ground, in a gas station parking lot.
7. miss work because of weather, while co-workers ridicule me from cell phones driving gas-guzzing suv's.
8. sustain back injuries driving over bumpy pavement.

funny thing. when i was leaving the lot with my new car, i was parked next to what was my mustang...i was 10 miles down the road before i realized i never even looked back at it when i left.


Ted M. said...


Isn't it funny how we all end up getting sensible sooner or later?

TK said...

yep. some of us just take longer.

viva the station wagon!

dms said...

I am so happy for you. Now what you need to do is print this post and then write down all the additional things you don't like about the bucket of bolts and read it every time you get a funny idea in your mind about getting another one.

TK said...

i really need to do that. mrs k said the same thing. she'll string me up if i start talking mustangs again.

patchkit said...

Hey Tim, you took me way too seriously yesterday.