Monday, February 26, 2007


sunday's weather was really a lot nicer than saturday. that's pretty easy, though, since saturday was horrible. it was still cold and blustery, but no rain. i don't remember a froze toes race ever being canceled, but it was. not that i was going to do it, anyway.

so instead, i rode the trainer after church. i'm still having a hard time breathing, and it seems to be worse inside. i actually had less trouble the last few days riding outside.

afterward, the beautiful mrs k, poops and i went to the mall to get the shuffle fixed. it seems to have cashed it in already. we signed up to talk to the mac genius, then went to eat something. it seems poops really likes icecream. i know it shouldn't come as a shock to anyone, but he really, really likes icecream! it's so much fun to feed it to him. he gets this funny little grin and giggles a little with every bite.

i'm wondering if the mac genius might be called mac guy instead. that's because our genius told us he just had to reload the software and it was all good. i'm staring at it right now, in the box and still not working. i think the mac guy may have been new, perhaps not yet acheiving genius status.

when we got home, the mrs did a trainer workout, too. she's just started running again, working her way up to my biathlon partner and eventually to do the kansas city marathon. chicago was the preferred race, since she has done that one before, but it seems there is a wedding to attend to on that day......

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