Monday, February 26, 2007


we made some cookies the other night. we didn't eat them, so i put them in a little glad container. the next morning, we couldn't find them. deanna accused me of eating them, which, if i had, i would've readily admited. so we figured the dogs got to 'em. but we hadn't found the container.

at church sunday, there was a bake sale. hot dog, here was the chance to replace those lost cookies. there were nice warm zip lock bags of chocolate chip reeses peices cookies. we bought some (i won't say how many) and i am happy to say i have eaten them all.

and what did i find in hanna's room this evening? the glad container of cookies, still intact, however chewed the lid may have been. the dogs just couldn't get in that thing!

i'm thinking they are still good. a little dog slobber on the outside of the container can't hurt anything.

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