Sunday, February 25, 2007

hot, hot saturday in stl

the beautiful mrs k and i have decided that we may as well make our saturday dates workout dates instead of going-out-to-dinner-and-eating-until-we-pop dates. we really enjoy doing active things together, so we started saturday.

first, we got a sitter so we could go to the gym. we were going to go riding, but anyone in the metro area that rode in saturday's blinding rain storm needs to have their head examined. we lifted and deanna did some cardio on the eliptical while i read popular mechanics lightly pedaling on a recumbant cycle. i got bored, but i waited for her to finish. we ate lunch at einstein's and headed over to our second destination....

ever hear of bikram yoga? i think ep's wife mentioned it to me a couple of years ago, and i thought it was nuts. the short explanation: 90 degree room, plus yoga. the long explanation: 90 degree room, plus yoga, equals torture. no way, no how, no way no how!! will i ever, ever, ever ever never never do it again. i was pouring sweat just standing there, whilst scarcely clad men and women moved mechanically to the drill sergents commands. did i mention it was 90 minutes? i thought i was going to be cooked alive. every once in a while the drill sergent would bark something over my way about my form or whatever. i thought about leaping, no staggering, over to her and throttling her with my bare hands, but it would've embarrassed deanna so i just stood/sat/crumpled there in a heap of my own sweat and bile.

walking out into the blustery rain almost felt good. i cursed bikram yoga and whoever made it up. during my misery, i surmised that it must be some kook who thought normal yoga wasn't hard enough, so he turned up the thermostat and got giddy over the extra sweat. i swore that if i ever found myself in the same position, i would march over to the HVAC system and turn the A/C on full blast and watch the horror on all of the somber, sweaty faces as they realized their precious toaster oven of a room had just been liberated, and they would have to go back to doing plain, old, boring, easy yoga. on second thought, it might not even bother them, being in the zone and all. it sure would make me feel better, though.

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