Saturday, February 24, 2007

vacation day

i took a vacation day friday so i could

a) ride
b) clean house

i picked friday because, from the viewpoint of the weather forcast, it was supposed to be the pick weather day of the week. i have quite a few vacation days, and figured i really can't take big chunks at a time (i fancy myself important at work and don't want to miss out...) so i figured taking days off to ride at key times would be great.

i picked sort of wrong, i think.

it wasn't cold, really, but the wind was even worse than thursday. brutal at times, really. i started out a familiar path from home...pardee, eddie and park, robin, up weber hill road (one of my favorite hills) and down gravois. this is where i made a key decision. i had wanted to avoid most hills and just do some moderate stuff, but jefferson county beckoned. i turned left on 141 and then turned right into the maze of retail to reach saline. saline has some killer hills on it, some super steep and twisty. i had a smile on my face as i passed some of the familiar dumps along the way. after descending the cork screw down, i hung a left to stay on saline and set up to ascend "trailer park" hill. when i lived just a few blocks away, trailer park hill was a killer way to reach home. only about 100 yards long, it's super steep and overlooks a massive trailer park. i zipped up it, and down to meet romaine creek. i took that out to 141 again, and, after nearly getting hit by a dump truck, i took tesson ferry over the meramec to hegemann, and down to meramec bottom road. i took wells road out of there, which has a killer climb, just to get back up to tesson. i was knackered by then, so i just cruised in on tesson.

it was only a little over 2 hours. but, the wind was killing me. i celebrated by doing housework for another 3 hours when i got home.

3 kids, a station wagon, housework on vacation days...i'm so domesticated, aren't i??


phawley said...

I took the TK route last week (Pardee/E&P/Robin/Weber) and at the valley in the middle of the stretch of E&P between Lindbergh and Robin, an oncoming 'stang came around the corner in my lane straight at me. I looked at the knob like he was the moron that he is, and he yelled something at me with his rolled down window (smoker, I'd reckon) ironic is that to nearly be removed on the TK route by a 'stang?! ;)

TK said...

wouldn't that be ironic?? he was probably uncomfortable in that bucket of bolts so he couldn't steer straight! he should'a got a family truckster....