Thursday, February 22, 2007

may as well make it long, right?

with my riding success on tuesday, i figured i'd keep it going by riding to work on wednesday. the morning was chilly, but the forcast was for a warm afternoon.

i piled everything i had on my weakened body and set out for chesterfield. i was cold at first, but i warmed up and really never got cold again. there are tons of ways to get to chesterfield from south city, none of them straight but most of them nice rides. 23 miles, 1 hour, 25 minutes.

the quandry going home was twofold: i was going to hit darkness, hopefully later than sooner, and what to wear? i stripped a layer off for the ride home, since it was 59 instead of 39. again, a little chilly starting, but my rapid (relative) pace was keeping me warm. i pedaled with the seriousness of a cat 5 on friel's training program. of course, traffic dictated a different route home, and the sun rapidly ran to the other side of the world as i pedaled.

by the time i got to webster, it was pretty dark, but i had the lights on and it's easy to tuck into side streets to escape any bufoons in pickups or angry soccer mom's.

very glad to get nearly 3 hours of riding in. i was pooped when i got home, but mrs k, tysnon, and poops were happy to see me so i felt great.

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