Friday, February 02, 2007

listen to your mom

princess hanna is here with us this weekend to celebrate her birthday with us. we've got all kinds of events planned out for her and the kids. parties, parties, parties! and not one has to do with a superbowl!

she was born on superbowl sunday, 2000. the day the rams won. we had to shut off the tv at half-time because it was time to push this little girl out. i'm not a football fan, really, but like most we had watched and hoped along with the rams all year long. it wasn't until after all the birthing proceedures were over that we learned the rams had won. when hanna was born, the nurses gave us little 'rams cheerleader' shirts for the babies born on that day. i wonder where that thing is now?

she was 7lbs, 12 ounces and she was 20 inches long...a lot like eli. i changed her first diaper, which coincidentally was my very first diaper change, too. she had thick black hair that curled up like shirley temple when it got wet. she had blue green eyes, just like her mom and i have. everyone argued about who she looked like, of course, and it made me proud to hear she looked like me. it seems like such a long time ago now. from diapers and barney and bottles and formula and sippy cups and the wiggles to ipods and cool shoes and homework and hannah montana and talk about boys.

i never really wanted kids until hanna came along. it was a very hard adjustment for me, being such a selfish, self-centered person. it took a long time before i realized what sort of gift i had been given.

i'll never forget what my mom told me just a short time after hanna was born:

'son, you're going to be sorry if you miss these early years, because you can't get them back, and they are gone before you know it. there just isn't anything in this life that is worth missing this.'

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