Saturday, February 10, 2007

new stuff

since i can't ride today, the beautiful mrs k and i decided it was time to spend the home depot gift card that we got for christmas. we knew that we wanted to spend it on a ladder, so that was tops on the list.

but, when you're going to any home improvement store, there is always more to buy. deanna told me we needed a clothes rod for eli's clothes. check. oh, and i broke the push broom last week sweeping snow. check. i needed zip ties, too. check. ooooh, a full set of drill attachments on sale....check!

we got the big honkin' ladder. big to me. 8 foot, so i can change bulbs in the garage and in our stairway, and maybe even get the leaves out of the lower gutters. deanna also wants to paint hanna's room, so pooper and i looked at all the ladders while she checked out the paint section.

bored? go buy stuff. it's the american way. at least i'm paying with cash (and gift cards!) and not running up credit bills. i'm proud to announce that we are credit card debt free....and no, we didn't consolidate, we just didn't run up much on them and paid off what little we had.

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