Sunday, July 02, 2006

kids, kids, kids

these are genuine pooh shoes. elijah is the proud owner, although i'm not sure he knows how cute they are. deanna and i get a good giggle just about everytime we look at them.

hanna came to visit this weekend, and tyson went to visit his dad for the weekend. yes, i know, it's complicated. but, we all had a good time anyway.

saturday, the mrs. and i, along with sissy (hanna) and pooper went to the webster groves carnival. it was sparsly populated at lunchtime, so we had the run of the place. hanna did, that is. she went down the cool slide, road the train, the scrambler, you name it. it was getting HOT, HOT, HOT, so we went into the shade and won some stuffed animals. she won a BIG fish that sort of looks like Nemo, and i stepped up and won a unicorn for her. we beat it out of there before we became barbque.

we had a big birthday party shindig at Del Pietro's on the south side. some of deanna's relatives were celebrating their 60th, so we were invited to take part. mmmm, pasta.

today, i got on the bike for a couple of hours. i attempted to do most of the "south loop", but it's becoming increasingly difficult given that we live in the state of road construction. weber hill road is closed, as is becker where it meets fine road...i walked around the barriers there and rode it anyway. on the way back, i stopped at a carwash to check out a '95 mustang. it was opal frost metallic with '96 cobra wheels...exactly like mine was!!! alas, it wasn't my old car, it was a six cylinder. obviously, he has taste, though.

i also stopped by jefferson barracks cemetary. my dad is buried there, and, as usual, i forgot to check his documents to find his plot. in the 15 years that i have been going there, the cemetary has been built up sooooo much, it's hard to find your way around. i ended up on both of the far with the new graves, no doubt being populated by some gulf war soldiers, and the other end, with the soldiers from the 1800's. i left pretty sad, not being able to remember where the plot is. what sort of dope doesn't check the plot number??

after that, i spread a little fertilizer on my dirt field, er, front lawn, and then hanna and i went on a great big bike ride on grant's trail. we stopped after our 4 mile jaunt and got sno-cones. mmm, mmm. we got home and found the photographer doing pooper's 12 week pics. he was giving her trouble, but, being the professional that she was, she got some good smiles out of him. plus, we got a few shots in with tyson (who had been dropped off by FOTY) and hanna, too.

top the evening off with a dog walk/bike ride through the neighborhood, and it was a full weekend extravaganza of family stuff. if it wasn't for tyson's yard sale in the middle of the street, it would've been an injury free one, too. i think he's ok, but he is banged up a bit. he's a tough kid, he'll be okey dokey. it's a shame how i forgot to go pick up the dog's presents that were left in some yards along the way, though.....


Patrick said...

The WG carnival is good times...we went today and I managed to surreptitiously snap a pic of Henk Vogels resting between his BBQ Ribs and Funnel Cake courses!

Patrick said...

oops...the link: