Monday, July 10, 2006

weekends ain't no vacation, and i want my $50 back

first things first. on saturday morn, we took the kids to purina farms. on the way, i filled up with gas and spent $50. yeah, $50. and we got beef jerky. purina farms is such a nice little place. they have dog shows and lots of rabbits and pigs for the kids to pet. hanna and tyson really liked the dog show. hanna kept asking how we could get rosco to do some of the tricks she saw the show dogs doing. uh, you mean OUR rosco??

we also got a ride on a hay wagon. i'm not sure why they call it a hay wagon. there wasn't any hay. but, mrs. k and i kept trading off pooper to keep him happy while the kids enjoyed the ride. the sun was getting a bit much for the little guy. it was a very nice day, not being to hot and all. we drove home on our $50 tank of gas. i'm pretty sure i couldn't tell the difference between my last fillup, which cost $40 or so, and this new tank of gas, you know, the one that cost FIFTY DOLLARS.

hanna and i got another ride in on the grant's trail. she's becoming quite the bike rider. she even rode over a parking block when we got done (not on purpose) and rode it out!

that night, all of us went for a walk, except pooper, who took a ride in the stroller, and the kids, who rode thier bikes. ok, the wife and i walked. the kids wanted to race each other, so we staged a drag race. tyson fought it out for a few feet, but hanna's longer legs and year and a half of life bested the little guy and she emerged victorious. both of them are getting better, so the races should get better as time goes on. (no, i do not encourage any of it. they get themselves all juiced up for this stuff, i promise!)

i shirked my fatherly duties on sunday and dumped all the kids off with the mrs. the kaiser and i took the short trip to jeff city to do the fattire race at binder lake. i felt so guilty, leaving my cheering section behind. but, it's so hard for deanna to take care of eli and keep an eye on the tazmanian devil and the princess of mess.

the course there at binder is really tight and technical. no hills. lots of tight trees. not exactly my forte, but i like it. we were age grouped, about 15 of us. the plochmeister and ace (of ace and gary fame) stomped me, but i wasn't in their age group. i DID get stomped by another guy in my age group, though. i put up a good fight, but second i got. at least i raced and had fun. just you guys wait until i get my asthma under control and start sleeping at night!!!!!! my entry was $25, my winnings were $30....$5 profit. at this rate, i would have to race 10 times just to pay for that darn tank of gas......

the kids had a banner day, hanging out at the pool for 4 hours. the mrs. and tyson are the "white kids" of the family, so they had to use a couple of cases of sunscreen, while hanna had none. the pooper stayed on the shore with grandma. i don't think they minded too much that they had to stay behind while i went to race. after all was said and done, i still had to drive hanna back home. ug. the mrs. and i crashed as soon as we could get pooper to sleep.

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