Tuesday, July 25, 2006

weekend overview

i was able to get quite a bit of riding in, however slow, over the last few days.

as usual, i rode to work thursday, which proved to be a blessing with all the blocked streets and downed wires. i just rode wherever i pleased! after work, i rode 50 miles, 115 degree heat index and all. not so smart.

saturday was the big outing with the kids. cousins max and gus joined hanna and tyson and the adults for a whirl down grants trail. hanna and tyson are ultra-competitive, go figure. tyson kept attacking, hanna would counter attack and blow the troops away. they're going to be quite a pair of bike racers when they grow up! i got in a short ride later that day by myself, at a little faster pace.

sunday, i waited until the latter part of the day and rode a bit farther. my goal has been to ride longer and slower, which hasn't been a problem since i am slow. i don't like to ride slow, it takes too long.

today after waiting a month for an appointment, i finally get to see a specialist about my asthma. i am not optimistic. i feel sort of lost these days, in part because i am tired and slow, in part because the tour is over...you know, the loss of that thrill every morning.

we'll see. maybe things will come together after today. if not, there is always a career in roofing, as i have demonstrated that i can remove sticks and debris from my own roof, after crawling out a bedroom window, much to the amazement of my neighbors!!

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