Monday, July 17, 2006

carbon Rush

by now everyone knows how big of a fan i am of the cannondale Rush full-suspension bike. it's just criminal that 5" of travel can feel that nimble and fun, and in my opinion, fast.

well, it seems that cannondale has the same ideas that i have. if the Rush can just be made lighter, it would be perhaps the ultimate all-rounder. so, for the 2007 model year, the Rush can be had in carbon fiber. the entire front triangle is made from the black stuff, while the rear triangle, while lightened a bit, is still made from good ol' aluminum.

so what are the weight savings, you ask? a full POUND in the main triangle alone, and another 50 grams in the back. the Lefty fork, already light for it's travel, already carbon, has been lightened even more, coming in at 2.54lbs. on a digital scale. yeeee-freaking-haw!

i don't want to get my hopes up too much, but word has it that i will have one to ride in the next week or two. which model? none other than the team model, the one with the delicious sram xo drivetrain, the new crossmax sl-r wheels, SI cranks...the works. this bad boy is said to be only 22.5lbs. on a scale....lighter than most peoples 0" travel hardtails!

on a related front, cdale will also be selling the new carbon hardtail here in the states. it is mainly produced for the european market, but they thought they'd sell a few here, too. 20.5lbs. is the official number for it.

best of all, both are made here in the good ol' usa. it's a great time to be a bike freak, isn't it?

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