Sunday, July 16, 2006


speaking of addict (see last post), i forgot to mention that my conversation with the Scott salesperson last week also included new scoop on the latest, greatest, lighter than air road frame and fork.

it's called the Addict, and it will come in above the current CR-1 bikes. it's 750 grams for the frame. yes, yes, i know. that sounds more like the weight of a front wheel, or a crankset, or even a bad pair of downhill pedals. but, from the horses mouth i was told that the Addict would be 1.65 pounds. yikes. and the fork will be another bit lighter, but by that time i had glossed over and started remembering a time when forks weighed that much.

the Addict will also feature some geometry changes that some will welcome. the headtube will be lower than the CR-1 bikes. and the angles will be different as well.

that carbon stuff is certainly changing the face of cycling. or at least changing the weight of it.

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