Sunday, July 16, 2006


on thursday after i had gotten home from my ride, i sat down at the computer to check (i'm addicted) our computer sits perpendicular to the sliding glass doors that overlook our deck.


the noise scared the poop out of me. not literally. something had hit the glass doors. i turned my head quickly, of course, just a natural reaction, expecting to see someone at the door, maybe a neighborhood kid, maybe a big branch from the towering trees in the back yard. nope, there was nothing. nothing but a bird, lying about 2 feet away on the wooden deck, twitching.

holy cow. the bird flew into the glass door with enough velocity to knock himself silly. as he twitched, i figured out it wasn't silly. a couple of moments went by, and he stopped twitching. he hadn't knocked himself silly. he hadn't even knocked himself out. he knocked himself dead.

after a few minutes, i went into the garage and got a dustpan. as i reached down to scoop the unfortunate fowl up, i spyed the ever-growing pool of blood on the deck. ick. the dogs'll love that, i thought. after disposing of the bird in the trash can, i hosed the little pool down with dawn dishwashing liquid from the spray bottle i use when cleaning my bikes.

i guess those windex commercials are true.


Daniel B. said...

That's crazy!! I guess it sheds new light on the term "Bird Brain".

I got it handed to me at Soulard. Bike racing is a swift kick to the nads.

tk said...

sorry about the race, dan. that's a tough course, for sure. at least you didn't end up like the bird....