Friday, July 21, 2006

date night

last saturday night was a rare date night for myself and the beautiful mrs. k. we didn't have the older kids, so we just needed a sitter for pooper. we did that, and off we went!

our first stop was Balaban's. i have a friend, shawn, who is the maitre d there, so we have been talking about going for a long time. we were all dressed up...well, dressed up for us, anyway. the food was great, so we stuffed ourselves, and then had desert, too. and wine! we drank some wine suggested by shawn. oooh, i don't really like wine. but, this was some good stuff. we talked for a long time and people watched a bit. lisa zigman from channel 4 (or is it channel 5??) was at a table next to us. there was also a bachelorette party closeby, too. it was nice to talk without constant interuptions from the kiddies!

after Balaban's, we drove back to the south city area and stopped at the scene of our first date, Malle's bar on Hamton. romantic, eh? actually, it was. on our first date, we were the ONLY patrons. that was so nice for a first date. this night, we were not the only patrons. there was a funny band there who obviously had a big following. we listened for a while, then played darts. deanna was winning by a pretty big margin, then the machine sorta freaked out and i got most of the points. so, i won. i'm number 1!! our family life caught up with us, so we picked up pooper from the baby sitters and called it a night.

being so busy all the time, we forget about all the simple things that make being together so nice. we have been telling ourselves that we have to have alone time, but it's a long, hard road to get it. sometimes, we just have to take what we can get.

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