Tuesday, July 18, 2006

cannondale's everywhere

here are a few pages from the 2007 Cannondale playbook. the first two are the rush's i've been talking about. woo doggy. and YES, I DO GET ONE TO RIDE NEXT WEEK!!! very exciting stuff.

the next pic is the new carbon hardtail. good stuff. and spec'd out to do some maximum wallet damage, too.

the third is one i forgot about, a nifty cyclocross offering that shows Cannondale is a little more serious about 'cross than they have been in the past....see the CAAD 9? oh, yeah.


Daniel B. said...


Alex said that the new Scott Addict will be offered in 3 build ups: 1. Campy 2. SRAM 3. Dura-Ace... It seems companys are giving the consumers more options. But that must make things more expensive on their end also?? What do you think?

tk said...

as popular as top-end bikes are now, i don't think it matters much. the more options, the better. seems pretty cool to me!

Robert said...

Is the cross frame any different besides the different paint scheme?