Thursday, July 13, 2006

inside scoop on cool carbon stuff

you are looking at perhaps the most advanced carbon fiber full suspension bike in the world.

this is called the SCOTT SPARK, and it is a 4" travel cross country full suspension bike. production weight of the top of the line model: 3.99 pounds. yes, you read correctly. less than 4 pounds for a full suspension frame with 4" of travel.

using Scott's new IMP carbon technology, the frame is wicked light and rigid. the top frame in the Spark line will use an integrated seat mast, like the Plasma multi-sport bike. that is the frame shown. the models down from it will use a normal seat tube/seat post design at a slight weight penalty. just like the long travel Ransom, the Spark gets a proprietary shock.

pretty crazy stuff, and it's priced accordingly. don't ask me prices, because in my haze of excitement, i will get them wrong, but the bike pictured will be around $6600, quite a bit less (and LOTS lighter!!!) than the Specialized S-works Epic, which i'm sure stings a little on the ol' Specialized front.

But that's not all! Word on the streets is that carbon fiber is breathing new life into venerable hardtails, as well as dropping serious poundage from some favorite longer travel bikes from OTHER companies.

Sworn to secrecy, sorry!

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Daniel B. said...

Whoa, super SICK stuff!!!