Friday, July 21, 2006

six13 scalpel

so, my main cannondale man, mushmouth, has been feeding me with all the coolest, latest, greatest cdale info for the last few weeks. he just does it because he likes the way my voice gets all squeeky and high pitched when i get excited about bike porn.

anyway, he's been telling me about all this cool stuff. like, the carbon rush and taurine. well, in the course of our conversations, he tells me that he is going to get his hands on a SIX13 SCALPEL!!! good lord, man. a SIX13 SCALPEL!!! the kinky coolest, i say! he says that they were made for a team of some kind, and i guess he's getting one of the extras. i don't know if it's for keeps, or if it's just as a teaser. i'm going to do my best to wrest it from his greedy little hands. maybe i'll ambush him.

ah, mushmouth, you'd better be careful.........

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