Thursday, June 29, 2006


competitive bike this time.


nuff said.


Fingerbang said...

If you're riding on a sidewalk, why not use a road bike? This is strange stuff you do.

Daniel B. said...

Which bike did you use?? You crushed your previous time! The 23 year old you, would be ashamed.

Who's accusing who of strange stuff? Hello kettle, meet pot.

tk said...

haha! i used the rigid hardtail homegrown...much closer to the original rigid hardtail bridgestone i used in 1990.

brian, i started doing that workout long ago when i was short on time but wanted to get in some intensity. it's a super short loop, and i can barely make the corners on my mb...using a road bike would be waaay too fast. it's more like the forest park bike path, only shrunken down and worse pavement. weird, but i like it.