Tuesday, June 06, 2006

a non-relaxing relaxing weekend

the idea behind going to the lakehouse this past weekend was based on two ideas: to get a away for a relaxing weekend and to do one of my favorite mountain bike races, the oz epic.

first off, driving with a baby in the car is not stress free. elijah doesn't sleep for long periods of time yet, and he awoke several times to let the world know that his lungs do, in fact, work very very well. it was noted. once we arrived at the lakehouse, he reminded us why we have given him the loving nickname of "pooper". it's cute, really, but the ensuing carnage was a reason to start a load of laundry straight away upon arriving.

i got in a good warm-up ride on the two lane roads around the lake, not seeing a single car until i got to the main road. i decided against riding to the race course, which is only 4 miles from the house, and instead just did a few loops and called it a day. when i got back, deanna got on her bike and took a ride in while i fed pooper. we ate at an italian place on the stip on hwy 54, saddened to see our favorite mexican food place had closed. pooper made me carry him around the place for a while so mom could finish eating. did someone say something about relaxing??

on the way back to the house, we noticed a small sign on the side of the road...."oz epic relocated"....what the hell is wrong with this picture?? a quick call to the number listed on the sign revealed that the course had indeed been moved from my favorite course to a brand new, never raced trail 20 miles out of town. so much for the stress-free close proximity of the oz course.

the course turned out to be a very easy, fresh cut single track type. of course, it was more of a place to ride than race, with NO spectator area, NO parking area, and many sections of the course that doubled back on itself. great. add that to the 3 OTHER EXPERTS that showed up, and i was not happy. and, 10 minutes into the race, i was even NOT HAPPIER when i flatted out. i already had a gap, too. i could've chewed broken glass. again, not relaxing.

pooper slept the whole way home though, and so did tyson, really, except the last bit, so that could be discribed as relaxing.

word to the wise...be aware of a non-relaxing weekend in relaxing weekend clothing!

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