Monday, June 26, 2006

full days

monday is always a full day for my little family.

today started off early. i had to take the chitlins over to grandma's first thing, as today was tyson's first day of bible camp. hanna was going to attend too, but she was on vacation with her mom at the ocean. she told me tonight that there are tons of dolphins where they are staying near gulf shores. pretty darn cool.

after dropping elijah and tyson off, it was off to work for me. actually, it was off to an early meeting with the top brass at the shark. we have started a tradition of monday morning meetings to cope with the fast-rising tide of biz. things are just snow balling and a lot of us are a bit overwhelmed. sometimes i can't keep up, and that's scary because i really think i know what i'm doing. i know i have a lot of guys depending on me, just like i depend on them, so i feel so bad when i let them down. i make mistakes, like everyone, but i'm usually the one that gets the most upset about my mistakes. anyway, the meeting lasted until opening, so it was right to work to try to beat the ups man. it's always a race...i try to get my biggest order done online before i have the right the c.o.d. checks. he always wins.

the beautiful misses called me at lunch. she has been working out over lunchtime because we never seem to have the time otherwise. that takes dedication. i have never been one to do that...i hate having to rush, and i love to eat.

after work, it was straight to the stairs. i have begun to run stairs again, trying to build a bit of non-cycling muscle. i also intend to do some lifting. cycling is just so narrowly focused that i feel the need to branch out a little.

then to t-ball practice. i get to watch and hold the baby while the beautiful mrs. coaches. is that backward? not at all. she's better than i am, and she handles kids MUCH better...does that surprise anyone???

back at home, the mrs. went for a run, and pooper fell asleep on my shoulder while i channel surfed, all 6 of them (the dial-up of tv entertainment, rabbit ears). as i write this, deanna is trying to put the pooper to sleep. if she does, then her and i will be able to spend a little alone time together.

did i mention i am writing this on a laptop? my 3 year old dell computer has just fallen apart. in the last 6 months, the power source has failed, both disc drives have failed, the sound card has failed, and i'm getting random error messages. ug.

here's to a slower, more peaceful tuesday!

(thanks to the asian sensation for keeping track of my goods while i raced yesterday! and everyone congratulate him, he was extremely happy to have finished his race yesterday, too!)

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