Wednesday, June 21, 2006

oxygen, stat!

i got up the nerve to do the tuesday night crit, even though i was pretty peeved from the tuesday before. i guess since it was so hot, i couldn't bring myself to go for a ride, but a race is a good reason to sweat for a while.

given that i haven't solved my air problem, or lack thereof, i played it conservative for the first few laps. after that, i went after some pretty promising breaks. one of the breaks i was in was powerful, with some really good riders in it. we got caught because noone cared, i guess. then i got in another one. and another one. i felt like a cheerleader..."go! we got a gap! go!" i probably sounded like a cat 5 in his first race.

i was still gasping for air 90% of the time...i'm just learning how to use as little energy as possible. it's no way to race well, but i want to be out there anyway.

in the end, a break got off WITHOUT ME, so i was resigned to coming in with the pack. oh, well. maybe when i get a lung transplant, i will once again be a factor. until then, i'll just follow the race around sounding like a trauma patient on oxygen.

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