Friday, June 02, 2006

todd's car

my friend todd had a 1976 ford gran torino elite. this brochure is from '75, but you get the picture, i think.

todd's was quite a bit cooler. his was a two door, with cool little windows in the c-pillar and sporty wheels. of course, it had the 351 v-8. it was no starsky's car, but it got us around in pure style and we always had great tunes. todd always had the latest and greatest stereo system in the torino.

that car got us everywhere...races, the mall, races...everywhere! it was tough, too. he munched the bumper one time, and his dad just told him to back it into a pole to straighten it out. it worked, and you could hardly tell the difference!

eventually, the old torino had to be retired. we didn't worry too much, though. because the replacement was even more "fun". when i find a suitable photo, i'll post up the car and our experiences.

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