Friday, June 09, 2006

can i just breathe, please?

i've been operating my own personal pharmacy here in our home. after tuesday nights breathless fiasco at the world's, i knew i had to come up with something.

so, i called my alergist/asthma doctor and told him i'm not getting better. i had seen him about a month ago, and he prescribed advair on top of my normal inhaler that i use before exercise. things seemed to have gotten worse since then, and tuesday night i was in such distress. i couldn't breathe, and i kept working hard, it got harder to breathe, so i worked harder...until i was just seeing stars. needless to say, this couldn't go on.

the doc prescribed prednizone (sp?), an oral steroid that's pretty strong. apparently, it takes away the pesky inflamation that the advair and the rescue inhaler can't....pardon the pun, but i'm not holding my breath! if i'm not appreciably better by monday, i'm seeking another specialist. there are certainly elite level athletes that have worse asthma than i have that are, well, elite athletes!!

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unovelo said...

predni"S"one = corticosteroids !!! ;-)