Sunday, June 25, 2006

proof that i was there

(photos courtesy of john m.,
the webster critirium was today. besides the crappy road surface which claimed many, many wheels, tires, tubes and skin, the layout was fine. it was fast from the get-go, and there were 60 or so guys there to keep things interesting. one guy made things interesting in the first lap. as we clicked into our pedals at "go", this ghisallo rider showed a few of us that he was the avoid. by the time we reached the backside of the course (still on lap one, only about 60 seconds later) he swerved in front of me, scattered a few riders, and i bashed into his back with my right sti shifter. which caused several riders to bash into me. i stayed completely upright, but the guys that hit me hit the pavement. bummer.

"people on ludes should not ride"....jeff spicolli.

i finished with the main bunch, and felt pretty good doing it. i just kept it out of redline territory. not gonna win any races that way, though.

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Daniel B. said...

holy cow. you have a small army of cat. 3s behind you in that bottom photo. wilbanks, bermudez... be afraid, very afraid!