Wednesday, June 14, 2006

two hot rides

anyone that reads this little page of mine knows that i am a ford man to the core. i always have been. but, i am not immune to hot cars, no matter what the make.

i have been finding myself drifting farther and farther away from anything exotic. sure, i read about ferrari's and lambo's and whatnot to keep up on the technology, but i'm much more interested these days in cars i could actually buy, actually own. somehow, knowing that the gallardo will do 12's in the 1/4 mile really doesn't do much for my everyday life, you know?

i have been a fan of the new gm roadsters since they were concept cars a few years ago. based on the "kappa" production platform, the sky and the solstice are obviously cousins, but they have such a different presence in person.

driving home from my 9'wood (9 climb hill repeat workout at castlewood), i saw a solstice driving up the road on 141. breaking laws and probably pissing off some drivers, i made my up to the pontiac to get a good look. it is very hard to actually catch one in action these days...they are too new and in short supply. the car is so much more dramatic in person; a rare instance of a car looking twice as good in person as it does in photos. the fenders bulge like a c3 corvette, without the narrow waste or pointy extremeties. that's what it reminds me of, a 3/4 scale c6 corvette. i love them both, and if i had to go pick out one today, i'm not sure if i would pick one over the other.

of course, the running gear for current kappa cars is modest: a 170hp ecotech is the motivation, with a 250hp supercharged version coming soon.

now, if i could just find a way to put a baby seat in one of these things.....

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