Sunday, May 02, 2010

yada yada yada and i don't like ticks

no, i mentioned the bisque!

this weekend was filled with enough drama that i will yada over some of the best and worst parts.

i dropped the fusion off for new tires friday morning. grandma gave me a ride to work...and my kids were in the car. somehow, i felt very young and small having my mother in law drive me to work. call me crazy.

while i worked on saturday, deanna took an entire freestyle full of kids to kevin and katie's for tyson's birthday celebration. they live in a land that time forgot, a beautiful cabin with a bluff over look and lots of ticks. i removed 4 ticks from rosco saturday night, and another today. the kids had tons of fun, and no entrenched ticks. i don't like ticks.

i got to the festivities late on saturday, in time for dinner and a game of kick ball. yes, i did in fact throw, kick, catch, and run after a ball. then, all of those that like marshmallows had smores. i don't like marshmallows. rosco doesn't either, but he had an entire melted marshmallow smeared up one paw. i didn't even hesitate to cut it out. don't worry, little guy, it will grow back.

hanna has a fascination with vampires. after much convincing by me, she finally admitted that one of the kids attending was probably NOT a vampire.

eli was so dirty i didn't want to touch him. he is convinced that having fun is directly linked to dirt, i.e., how much dirt he has on his person determines how much fun he is having. after scrubbing him this morning for a while, i gave up and decided he would have dirt under his toe nails until someone else removes it.

today we made a trip to the pet store for flea and tick shampoo, as well as flea and tick repellent. i don't like fleas and ticks.

the freestyle was so dirty this morning that i considered using the water hose to spray out the interior. instead, i settled for a vacuum and a regular wash. we went to the self-serve car wash by my house, and eli was nearly knocked over when i let him operate the spray gun. the force of the water through the nozzle has quite a kick for a 4 year old.

i have done 6 loads of laundry today. i considered putting the laundry into the freestyle and filling it up with water and soap, thereby killing two birds with one stone. again, i settled for doing 6 loads the conventional way, and it's still not done. next time, i will act on my impulse and the laundry and car will be clean in no time.

and a 10+ hour day awaits me tomorrow. i'm going to yada that.

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