Sunday, May 23, 2010

whitecliff park

sunday mrs k and i took eli to whitecliff park in crestwood. we wanted to check out the pool there and get an idea if it was worth the membership for the kids to swim this summer. the actual community center was closed, though. so, we let eli play on the cool playground for a while. being pretty hot, we decided to explore a bit more of the park, having read online that there were some trails there.

we walked down the double-track jeep trails, which are nicely covered in a beautiful canopy of trees. it was cooler back there, and the trails go up and down and twist and turn in a nice way. we found that the trails all bottom out at an old quarry. this is a photo of the awesome cave. we were very excited at our find. whitecliff is probably 4 miles as the crow flies from our house, so it's nice to know there are cool things to explore there. we are always on the lookout for new experiences for the kids, and we want to bring the older kids here, too.

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