Monday, May 31, 2010

off to family camp

friday, we packed the kids up for family camp. this arrangement in the freestyle was temporary, as we were going to swap everything into the flex at the dealership. yes, the freestyle is still with us. we returned the fusion which was on lease, but had to use the freestyle to get everything for the trip.
the new flex, with the bike rack attached.
the view from "hill top", our deluxe cabin for the weekend. i cannot tell you how many times i had to trek up and down those stairs.
the view up to hill top.
the effervescent hanna, meal time at the mess hall.
i told tyson that every time he made a goofy face for the camera, i would publish it. done.
eli, mastering the art of fishing. he loves it. he was infuriated after going fishless the entire weekend. perhaps neumann will give him some pointers.
he had better luck with digging. the kids helped do a little gardening for the camp and he was in heaven.
hanna and her band of girls hefted some pretty big rocks and had a good time digging, too.
tyson caught a fish. he did it in front of his new camp squeeze. she was impressed with tyson's outdoor abilities. and his carefree personal hygiene.
tyson got a bulls eye in archery. very nice, young man.
i got a bulls eye, too. i did not get a bulls eye on the first day, but scraped my left arm with the string. do it once, and you WON'T do it again. check.
hanna, slip slidin' away on the giant slip n slide tarp. it was again doused with baby shampoo for maximum slipperyness and minimum burning of the eyes.
eli, kickin' some style down the tarp. he wouldn't go very far because of his weight.

tyson slid all the way to the grass several times. his belly was red.
this is not man love. this is camp honchos kevin and phil, wrestling for all-time slip n slide supremacy. but, it's tough to be tough on a tarp with baby oil all over you...while partially naked.
hanna, regal as ever while wearing a life jacket. the girl on the left with the nifty socks and stylish doo-rag was tyson's squeeze.
and thus ended the long weekend at family camp. amen.

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Chris said...

Did Tyson say, "I caught you a delicious Bass" to his girl?