Monday, May 24, 2010

ford flex

well, it's that time again. the beautiful mrs k's lease is up on the fusion...and not a bit too soon. it's been sort of a mixed bag. the fusion is a great car, but, it's a CAR. and that means it doesn't carry much, the rear seats are tight for the kids, and it feels pretty low to the ground compared to an suv/wagon type vehicle.

so mrs k has been salivating (yes, salivating) at the chance to get another suv-thing. we have both liked the ford flex since the first spy photos started showing up in 2006 or 2007. it's essentially my car with a TON of improvements. smoother ride, stronger engine, quieter transmission, beautiful interior (the big fault with my car), and equal gas mileage to mine. and not to mention the obvious..but i looks a lot cooler.

we have a 2010 on loan for a couple of days to be sure it's the car for us. i almost feel bad for this car if it becomes ours. it doesn't stand a chance to remain as nice as it is now.


Brian H. said...

That's a nice car...might look even better in black. I may be biased, though.

TK said...

black was the other choice. just so happens that this one is exactly what we want otherwise.