Thursday, May 06, 2010


originally i wanted to ride out at greensfelder just so i could climb the gravel road a half dozen times or so. it's hard to find off-road climbs like that around here. after i got there yesterday, i just decided to ride the trail and get my fix of the climb when it came.

to me, the trail was in better shape than it was two weeks ago when i last visited. it was obvious that it's been enjoying a lot of action lately. the rough dirt sections, pock marked by horse hoofs, were a bit smoother. don't mistake "a bit smoother" for smooth. greensfelder is not now, and will never be, smooth. but it was more fun and somewhat less punishing.

i saw chris ploch finishing up a ride when i arrived, and none other than mitch the masher and jeremy bock were riding their road bikes on the scenic loop when i crossed paths with them. i also crossed paths with a VERY angry old hag and her horse on the gravel climb. she was shouting at me from about 100 yards away as i climbed. as i closed withing sight distance and began walking, i had enough and told her to pipe down. she wasn't going to stop shouting at me for being a bike rider in the vicinity of her and her horse. i very nicely told her i had been doing this for 20 years and had no intention of scaring her or any horseback rider intentionally. after passing, she continued to ramble and shout and again i told her to relax and have a nice ride...although i did not use my indoor voice. i understand the need to co-exist with other trail users, but i don't have to be talked to like a second class person.

in the end, i turned in two nearly identical 44 minute laps and i was not as abused as i was two weeks ago. i call that progress.

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Brian said...

I rode the course today with Jeremy Bock and Aggro Jo. It's awesome. It's hard to believe this is Greensfelder.

As much as I hate climbing, I love the climb near the end of the course. It's perfect. Though I highly prefer the three major downhills.

Just as we were leaving, Eric Pirtle came out to improve on his 43 minute lap time. I would have loved to rail the first downhill with him, but we had to go.