Tuesday, May 11, 2010

family photos

this photo is from 1971, when i was eli's age. here, you can see that my brother and i are very much into our hats.

you can also see the how eli resembled me at that age. and, i think you can see that i look a bit like my father...except he had more hair than i do now! speaking of hair, my mom was always on the cutting edge of fashion. when the hair styles were short, she had the short hair. when the style was long, she had the long hair. you can probably tell that she was a skinny little thing, probably weighing in at about 105 pounds here. what do you think about that couch? i really miss that lamp. there were two of them, and you can't see the monster plastic globes that housed the bulbs. totally 60's kickin' style.
this is a bit earlier, but i don't know how much. remember my mom's hair? oh, yeah. the hair. and why doesn't she ever smile for the camera?? i'm sure my dad is smiling because he had a couple of vodka's on the rocks...you can see the clear liquid in front of him and i can assure you it wasn't water.
and this is 1967. the suave looking older guy is my oldest brother. he was one cool dude. the girl with the killer glasses is my sister. somehow, she got stuck holding me, probably the "oops" baby. and my next older brother, who will be 45 this year, is the other kid.
this is my dad, 1990 or so. it's christmas at my mom's house. he still had more hair than me, and he was 70 years old! he also continuously wore a stocking hat on the back of his head like a yamaka. yet another fantastic choice in couches here as well. not so fond of the paneling, which i had removed in 2006 before i sold the house. it was put up in 1974, when everyone was doing such nonsense. it was glued to the plaster walls....you can imagine what that was like coming off.

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