Wednesday, May 26, 2010

castlewood with the garmin

i have to come clean. the garmin isn't mine. it's deanna's. the only computer i have ridden with over the past few years has been the power tap, and that's only on the road bike. so with mountain biking, i've just used my watch.

i found deanna's garmin in one of the gear bags a little while ago and charged it up. then, somehow, i finally remembered to use it one day. it's an old 305 forerunner, so it really is nice to use for running or cycling. i've been trying to remember it on rides lately, and as luck would have it i brought it with me to castlewood.

i am rather fond of the course that was used for the drj race last august. so i decided to hit it hard for four laps and see what happened. each lap was 5.5 miles. the only sloppy schtuff to be found was on the way up grotpeter backwards, the gravel road there has turned into somewhat of a drainage path. otherwise it was tacky.

the numbers:
21.98 miles
12.0 avg speed
25.4 max speed
163 avg heart rate (!!!!)
4974 feet of climbing

i was blown when i left the park. that heart rate shows i was right on race pace the whole time. i wish that i was able to ride with people more often, perhaps get a little kick in the ass to speed me along.

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