Saturday, September 12, 2009

where was john rines??

...well, i guess he was taking photos today at the castlewood race instead of racing with us. my proof is this photo, taken by none other than john himself. thanks for the photo john, but i would have rather had you racing with us instead of photographing us!!

it was a wretched day anyway, i must admit. first off, i was none too pleased with racing the trails in the back of the park. they're just pretty nasty, in my humble opinion. i quit going back there to ride at all a long time ago. secondly, i had nothing. however, i can't take anything away from john matthews or chris ploch. they are great riders and i just couldn't stay with them today. i hung in until the middle of the 3rd of 4 laps. that's when things went downhill. actually i began to lose contact on the uphill. that right there tells me that something isn't right, as i usually do pretty well going uphill.

so i got third overall, 2nd in the old man's group.

for having such an awful trail to work with, the iccc guys put on a pretty darn good race. i can't fault them. they are always a class act. in fairness, after the race i had to elevate my rating for the race course from "i would never race out there" to "i'd do it again."

can't fault anyone but my busted, slow self. how's that for personal responsibility?

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