Wednesday, September 30, 2009

things i oughta be doing

i should wash my car. it hasn't been washed since june. really. and the interior needs to be sent to a french drug testing lab to see what sort of chemical nightmare has been created by the combination of spilled slushy, crushed donuts, smashed chocolate granola bars, smooshed french fries, and cardboard fragments.
there's a piece of siding that has gone awry on my house. it's right over the garage, so i could climb out a window and shimmy over to it, and perhaps pop it back into place. on second thought, i probably shouldn't shimmy to do anything, much less shimmy to fall to my death.
i need to power wash and seal my deck. i did it two years ago. or was it three? i should remember because i pretty much blasted small holes in the wood every few inches. the power you feel with massive water pressure is addicting. i followed that up by dousing the deck in sealer. it didn't dry for a week.
my gutters need cleaning. they always need cleaning. we have a forest right around the house, and the gutters literally fill with debris within a week of a professional cleaning. that is no joke. so, at $100+ per cleaning, multiply that by 52 weeks a year....yeah, they may just stay clogged.

good thing i can use the excuse that i'm busy working at the business, and have no time for such mundane household chores. i'd look pretty lazy and useless otherwise.

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RIK said...

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Stay well, stay safe, and stay strong for that great family you have. God Bless You and Your Family. Love your blog! Jean
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