Wednesday, September 23, 2009

greensfelder, the short ride

i never get to ride very long. really, my races are longer than i ride, and i do 90 minute races. it just doesn't work out.

like today, for instance. i had to box and ship a couple of bikes as well as some wheels and a frame. that took up a sizable portion of the morning. then the driving around for pickups and some conversations...and it's 2pm. luckily, the fine gentlemen at the hub in webster had some stan's sealant, just what i needed to be un-tubed in the rear of the supafly.

2pm saw the mad dash to install said sealant, the mad dash to clothe myself in lycra, the mad dash to load the car, the mad dash to apply insect repellent, and of course every obstacle on the road that could slow me and the freestyle down. a train. construction. traffic.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! i just wanted to ride my bike at greensfelder! just for a little while!!

and i did. for a little while. it was rocky, to be expected, but it was also in great condition. the recent rain had settled the trail pretty well and i had fun. i did a preliminary lap, followed by a more serious lap, followed by a pseudo-race lap. just a fraction over 14 minutes for that last one. now, if i can just do that 6 or 7 times sunday, i'll be in business.

did you count that up? 3 laps took less than 55 minutes.

yep, that's about my ride time these days.

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