Saturday, September 05, 2009

gateway cup 1/2 completed

i had to include this photo of the johnson boys, liam and drew, balancing a soda can on it's edge friday night at lafayette. i was amazed.

i will of course have more photos later, but the 2009 gateway cup is halfway over and it's been pretty awesome. friday night is always a killer kickoff for our regions biggest bike races. lafayette square is a super speedway criterium course and never fails to disappoint. well, maybe some of the people involved in the epic crashes are disappointed, but it never fails to offer excitement, that's for sure.

all three tax deductible entities from our household raced, including the little guy. he literally jumped on his pedals when the big wheelers started and we had to stop him and get him back in line for his own race. he and three other training wheel equipped tykes battled it out, looking over at each other the whole way down. it was priceless.

tyson had a bum start but managed to get his skinny legs spinning and get 4th or 5th, who can tell? the first race of the weekend is always tough for him and he improves throughout the series.

hanna had some fast boys to race, as they raced boys and girls together. three of them beat her but it's increasingly evident that younger and younger kids are using road racing bikes. maybe we'll eventually do that but she loves her bike and she's pretty comfy with it. if she decides to do juniors racing and race for more than 200 yards, then it'll be important.

i raced my bike in very fast circles for 75 minutes and felt tired.

today, holy moly there were tons of kids at francis park!!! the kids were separated into boys and girls and still they spanned the whole street! eli had a wonderful race and got 3rd or 4th. it was sooooo cute to watch his little legs go so fast.

tyson had a great race and got 2nd. good start, and great tenacity all the way to the line. very big group of 7-8 year olds.

hanna got 2nd as well, i was very proud that she pedaled all the way past the finish line. huge turnout for the 9-10 girls, too.

i raced my bike in very fast circles for 75 minutes and felt very tired.

two down....two to go. go kids!!!!

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