Wednesday, September 16, 2009

a few photos of mustangs past

this was my last mustang. it was a 2001 convertible. it was on the tail end of my mustang fanaticism. i didn't have the time for it and it was too hard to get eli into the back seat. sometimes i would drop the top just to put his pumpkin seat in. something had to give.
this was my 98 cobra. it was deeelux. 32 valves and 7000rpm of v8 goodness. 40xxx miles and completely stock. i only had hanna at the time and it was a cinch to get her into the back seat. why did i get rid of that car again?
my 95 gt. it was a 5.0 car, thus simple as legos to work on. of course, i took it a little far and it was quite the bruiser by the time i was done. i loved that car, but i was happy to see it go when the guy handed me the check and drove it away.

my total corral of mustangs over the years:
1965 v8
1966 6cyl
1999 gt
1995 gt
1998 cobra
1999 gt 35th anniversary
1996 cobra convertible
2001 gt convertible

if i had my choice again, i would own a 1995 cobra, a 2001 cobra convertible, and a 2004 mach I. maybe i pick those because i never had them, but there are good reasons for each. the 95 cobra because it's the last of the sn95 mustangs with the hottest stock 5.0. the 01 cobra because it's the last of the non-supercharged 4v cars and it came with an independent rear. and the 04 mach I because it was the hottest 4v ever in the mustang and i'm a sucker for the mach I look.

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