Tuesday, September 01, 2009

what a character!

ever since i could remember, my mom would always shake her head at me and say "what a character." sometimes i don't think she meant it in a good way. she was still saying it about me when i was in my 30's. i think she would probably resend that comment about me and plaster it on this guy if she had met him. eli is just so into everything. for example, in the top photo, he has on a blues hockey headband. i don't even know where he got the thing. he's flopping around on the floor, in his underwear of course.
in this photo, he has relocated the headband to his waist, making it a tool belt. in the tool belt is a toy gun and some toy pliers. his jammie top has graphics of a "mighty machine", as he calls it, a crane. he has on a hard hat too. all, of course, while parading around in his underwear.

...what a character, indeed.

i really wish my mom had met the boys. she was so incredibly smitten by hanna, which was unexpected because she kept hoping that i would have a boy. mom and hanna were great buddies from day one. i'm pretty sure she'd have been crazy about tyson and eli just the same.

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