Sunday, September 20, 2009

hermann cyclocross, exhaustive coverarge

hi! i wanted to tell you about the hermann bike race. dad bought a funny looking new bike for a funny kind of bike racing where they make you run. why get off and run if your bike works fine? i know dad's a pretty good mechanic, but he still had to run up some steps and through some sand. beats me.
mom caught dad running right here. he looks very upset. either that, or he has to go potty really bad and there is no time in this weird kind of bike racing to do that.
there were these people there. they seemed nice enough. mom even spent some time talking to them. i spent a lot of time in the field playing with tyson and other kids. i feel i should stay a safe distance from this sort of thing.
again with the funny guy.
meanwhile, back at the race....
cristel and allison were there. cristel can yell very loudly. and a lot. she was yelling at dad a lot and he seemed to go faster when she did. i don't know if it's because he was trying to get away from the noise or it made him more excited to race his funny new bike.
these people yelled a lot, too. they were at the top of the stairs that dad kept running up with his bike. sometimes they threw beer at dad. other times they let off fireworks. i liked that.
i met all kinds of cute new girls. girls love me.
whew! dad was finally done. he finished pretty far back from the winners, but mom said he didn't get lapped, whatever that means.
and here is a good photo of my feet.

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